March 24, 2016

Therapeutic Massage Philosophy

Downtown Therapeutic Massage
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Our Massage Therapy Philosophy

In our crazy and overstimulating world, our energies become scattered between duties, relationships and projects. We tend to focus wholly on our external environment of things and people.

Take some time on a regular basis to examine your internal world of experience. What are your dreams, hopes and aspirations? What value do you place on inner peace and tranquility? What role does the imagination play in your life?

Have a massage. It is like tilling soil in preparation for new life. The sensation of enlivening the arms, hands, legs, feet, back, neck and head allows the mind to awaken to internal connections. A sense of wholeness grows and matures. When rooted deeply in body/mind awareness, the self can renew and blossom.

Bring this new sense of self into your daily life and see how the world transforms before your very eyes.

Let the magic of massage inspire your life and your relationships with others.